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Top 28 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change and Boost Your Life

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Theodor Seuss Geisel- a better name by pen was Dr. Seuss.

As a writer and a cartoonist, he published more or less 60 books during his life.

Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs were among his most famous masterpieces.

His verses and characters are much-loved by groups of followers.

Dr. Seuss was born on 2 March, in 1904, in Massachusetts.

His mother’s name was Henrietta Seuss Geisel, and His father’s name was Theodor Robert Geisel.

When he was at 18 ages, he went to Dartmouth College and placed the chief editor of the humor magazine, Jack-O-Lantern.

But one night, he and his friends were caught in violation of the Prohibition law for drinking in his residence.

Geisel had kicked off the magazine; however, he continued back of using the false name “Seuss.”

After completing graduation from Dartmouth, Geisel went to England to the University of Oxford.

He became a professor eventually. He left Oxford University in 1927.

After coming back to America, he decided to involve himself as a cartoonist full-time.

His artworks were published in several magazines like Vanity Fair and LIFE.

Then, Geisel worked in the marketing department of Standard Oil. He worked for them for the next 15 years.

His ad work Flit for pesticides became famous all over the country.

By this time, Geisel got an offer from Viking Press to work for the children’s called Boners.

That book was not a bestseller, but it gave him an outbreak of popularity among teenagers.

Geisel passed away on 24th September 1991, at 87 ages, in California.

Dear viewers, today this post will cover 28 best Dr. Seuss quotes about life that can boost your inspiration in life.

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28 Best Dr. Seuss Quotes

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