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8 Best Hotel Safety Tips, Travelers Should Not Ignore

When staying at a hotel with family or solo, abide by some hotel safety tips to be safe and secured. Safety is required in every step of life even when walking on the road. A little consciousness can minimize accidents or any mischief from life.

So, while staying out of home for days, be aware of safety first. Take care of wallet, credit card, passport or identity card, and the info of the hotel is booked for staying. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks for a hotel.

8 Best Hotel Safety Tips

The hotel is one of the sources of leaking personal info. Even it can happen to any five-star hotel as well. Moreover, if you are traveling alone, you should be more sensible. Because it is quite easy to target a single person. So, here is the safety checklist below:

Book Online

Reserve your hotel room online, and save some time. It also avoids lots of inquiries at the front desk. Just bring your reservation paper and passport or ID card with you and give them to them.

Clear payment if not made it online. If you make a payment on the front desk by credit card. There possibility to leak your credit card info.

Take Care of Luggage

While the conversation on the front desk before checking in keep an eye on your badges. There are lots of changes to exchange baggies with other guests. Tell the carrier to take your luggage to the room or carefully watch which baggies they are carrying.

Request a Street Map

Well, request a street map to the receptionist that will give you details of around area. You also find a hotel location and don’t get lost at all. Keep it with you always because when your phone is out of charge, the map will give you directions.

Request a Floor

Avoid ground and second floor to stay at a hotel. The ground floor is the easiest way to go in and attract. What if any terrorism attract happen? If you live on at least the third floor, you will get some time, and you will get the news of anything unusual happening.

But avoid staying on the top floor at all. Any fire set on the building, the fire brigade can reach easily the first four floors and rescue people. The higher the floor there are fewer changes in reach or delay.

Do Not Disturb

Hang on the do not disturb sign out of your room at the door. Plus you can put it on television to make it feel noisy. It is helpful for anyone traveling alone, especially for solo women. It looks like someone inside and awake and other hotel staff or anyone won’t give interest in peeping.

Turn The Light On

Never go to bed with all the lights off in the room. Put on the lamp or dim light during sleeping. Keep your flashing light with you always and put it under your pillow while sleeping. A small charger light or flashlight can give you little light at blackout.

Read The Hotel Safety Tips

The receptionist will give you a safety checklist or guidance while checking in. Even it can be found in the room. Read it thoroughly and don’t ignore it. There are guidance and information about the emergency. Including the exit door, fire extinguisher, emergency call, hotel emergency number, etc.

Never Leave Personal Belonging

Put your stuff inside the cupboard or drawer. Jewelry should be inside the locker. Password should be easy that you can remember. Don’t leave anything to the room shuffle. If anything is lost from the hotel, the authority won’t take responsibility.

But inform them if anything is lost from the room and give your contact information. If they find that, they will deliver it.


When applying the important safety tips, lets us enjoy more time without any tension. So, be prepared for everything no matter if you are on a single journey or with family. Another important tip is to try to avoid a low-class hotel.

Maintain minimum standards where safety is ensured. However, read the hotel safety tips attentively and follow them. Hopefully, that might help, and enjoy your stay.