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Self Doubt || 6 Simple Ways on How to Stop Self Doubt?

Self Doubt: How many times have you got this feeling that you are not good enough?

Believe it or not, self-doubt almost affects each and every person.

We get this pecking feeling – “I am not good enough”, “I am not going in the right path,” etc.

If you have ever got such a feeling, you very well know that it leads to the state of feeling worthless and makes you think you are incapable.

This is also known as the “impostor syndrome”, more clearly, the internal fear within you of being labeled as a failure.

Sadly, the impostor syndrome can demoralize and affect people who are actually good at their job.

It makes you question yourself – “Am I doing enough for my job?”, “Is my work worth something?” “Am I adequate for this job?”.

Plus, self-doubt can invite unnecessary stress, anxiety, and depression. It can even make people quit. You leave your job behind, believing you are a failure.

After all, we are the most prominent critics of ourselves. The criticism of ourselves in our minds compels us to quit activities we once loved to do.

Everything discussed above sounds pretty distressing. But there are certain ways to overcoming self-doubt.

When the day ends, we have to battle against these dispiriting thoughts.

Remember, self-doubt is an enemy to your growth, and we have to defeat self-doubt if we want to progress in our life.

Below are simple steps on how to overcome self-doubt.

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How to get rid of self-doubt?

  1. Say No to Yourself:

Maybe it sounds too easy; sometimes, saying no to yourself actually helps you restrain depressing thoughts.

Notice how these petty, belittling thoughts transform into more anxious thoughts that seem too difficult to handle.

This is where you act; you say no to yourself before these thoughts start to branch out.

Keep in mind that this pattern of self-doubt can occur anytime, and the simple act of saying no to yourself can keep you out of such negativity.

  1. Break Out Of the Comparison Cycle:

While self-doubt is already quite difficult to overcome, we sometimes seem to spice it up by comparing ourselves to others – maybe our colleagues or even loved ones.

Self-hate is often triggered when we compare ourselves to others, and it’s always harmful because it may develop a feeling of jealousy within ourselves towards our loved ones.

Now, who does want to impair their relationship with their loved ones?

A much better thing to do would be to convert this cycle of comparison into a beneficial habit. Try to compare yourself with the person you were the last day.

By tracking your growth over time, you would be astonished to see how much you have achieved between a certain time period.

This habit can prove to be eye-opening, you would be able to see a different version of you – who is capable of doing much more than you can think of.

  1. Fail with Grace:

Failures will come and go in life, but what you need to do all while it is remained calm and believes you can do it.

Sure, accepting failures can be the hardest thing to do, but it keeps us motivated and determined to work hard.

Self-doubt may occur due to failures, but you have to say to yourself – “failures are temporary.”

Do you know who the actual winners are? People who failed but tried again.

There is a plus point of failure – you learn from your mistakes, and you don’t repeat it again.

  1. Maintain a Diary:

Keeping a journal can often get you through the hardest of times. Friends, family – sometimes it’s not possible for them to be there and say – “Hey, you did great!”

So how about you do it yourself? When it’s your good day, write about your victory in your journal, write about the obstacles you had to come across, and take note of what went well today.

If you are a beginner in journal writing, here’s a tip – try to include as many facts and details as you can.

At a later stage, battling with self-doubt will be easier because you have these daily accomplishments to get your back.

Moreover, the habit of writing makes you more objective in estimating your progress.

  1. Be Positive:

What does “absorbing positivity” really means? It’s nothing but saying no to the negative thoughts in your mind, simply eliminating them.

Try to take in all the positivity around you, if it bothers you that the day started bad, why not listen to your favorite song or read a motivational book?

Maybe you don’t read books of this genre, but once you develop the habit – you would notice there is no going back.

These books can positively energize your mind, making you more focused on your potential.

  1. Develop Personal Auto- Suggestions:

Once again, we are our most prominent critics. How about we reverse it and say – “I am my biggest fan.” Sounds strange?

Yes, it does; maybe most of us don’t do it, but developing a personal mantra is useful in lifting your spirit through daily struggles.

Look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow before you go out to work or attend school and say – “I can do it; I am amazing; I am capable,” beginning our days in such a way can have a significant impact on our performance as well.

As the article draws to an end, all I want to say is – be more compassionate to you.

We always seem to present ourselves as unsuccessful or not capable of anything, overlooking the potential that we’ve been gifted with.

It’s time to replace this negative mindset with self-love.

Although it will take time, working on being forgiving and kind to ourselves, the reward it possesses is worth the time.

Loving yourself better than ever is the solution to problems like self-doubt.

As it nurtures the talent within you and opens possibilities, you pick up the pace to compete with the struggles of life.