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How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy? Best Tips For You

How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy: For most of the husband and wife, having children is like a dream that comes true. But, there is an important thing that most of us do not know–that pregnancy is a shared liability between life partners.

Therefore, the husband should proudly say, “we both of us pregnant” rather than “my wife is pregnant.”

How can a husband take care of a pregnant wife? He should confirm to take good care of his wife and the new coming baby.

If you are going to be a father, especially if this is your first time, then here are 13  best ways on how to make your pregnant wife happy.

How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy

How to Make Your Pregnant Woman Happy During Pregnancy:

1.  Confirm Your Wife Eats Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables Every Day:

If you want to keep healthy for both your wife and your baby, then confirm providing them daily meals.

It is needless to say that vegetables and fruits contain a great source of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the proper growth of the baby.

But, confirm to pick fresh, organic, and pesticides, free fruits and vegetables.

2. Remind her to drink an adequate Quantity of Water:

Most commonly, there is a possibility of suffering from urinary tract infections (UTIs) of your pregnant women.

This is not only risky to her but also the new coming baby. This is why; remind her that she drinks plenty of clean and pure water daily.

3. Remind her to drink Milk two times Daily:

Along with water, it is also vital to confirm that your wife drinks milk every day (in the morning and at night).

Because both of them (your wife and growing baby inside fetus) need lots of calcium.

An expectant child-woman needs to make stronger bones to keep proper growing weight inside.

In most cases, her teeth become weaker to damages. Indeed, the baby needs the right amount of calcium to support the baby’s bones’ development.

Confirm her drinking pasteurized milk and other dairy products. Unpasteurized milk contains bacteria that can be risky for her and the baby.

4. Minimize Eating Salt, Sugar, Carbohydrates, and Refined Foods:

The pregnant should overeat salt, sugar, carbs, and processed. Firstly, they may harm the fetus’ growth and the overall health of your wife health.

Refined, processed, canned, or fast foods, including hotdogs, burgers, and instant noodles, should be avoided totally.

These types of foods are also known to increase the possibility of cancer.

Therefore, if you want to save your wife and baby from dangers, stay away from these foods.

5. Limit her Caffeine Intake:

Most of us can not start our day without a mug of coffee—and your wife may be one of them.

According to a study report by the American Pregnancy Association, it is safe to intake 200 mg of coffee daily for pregnant women.

Excessive caffeine intake can be risky for the baby inside, as it can cause higher blood pressure and heartbeat, lack of fluids, and even birth defects.

6. Confirm she gets Sufficient Sleep Regularly:

In pregnancy, your wife goes through lots of mental and physical adjustments.

This is why; if she faces sleep problems regularly, it won’t be good for both her and the baby.

Therefore, allow your wife enough to sleep about eight hours daily to get enough rest for her and your baby.

7. Stop smoking and Alcohol both of you Totally:

It is needless to say that alcohol and cigarette are dangerous in pregnancy. These bad habits can occur birth defects in the baby.

Therefore, if you want to get a healthy baby, confirm stopping alcohol and cigarette for both you and your wife.

8. Confirm she takes Vitamins Daily:

At this moment, your wife is sharing her body’s nourishment with the baby.

That is why; it is not sufficient that she only eats food.

It would be best if you gave her a supplement or multivitamins that is suggested by her doctor.

9. Go to the Doctor with her:

Accompany your wife in every maternity checkup. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, find time with her to go to the doctor.

This will confirm you to take better care of both your wife and child.

10. Always keep her Carefree:

“Stress,” your pregnant wife? Say a big ‘no.’ This can hurt mentally her.

This may even bring bad effects on the growth of your baby. Keep her always happy.

Make her smile regularly. Make her good feelings all the time.

11. Go Outside for a regular Walking Together:

Pregnant women need to exercise daily. This will help to give birth through normal delivery.

But heavy exercises are not advised for her.

Therefore, walking is the best, especially during the last moment of delivery.

12. Help her:

During pregnancy, your wife’s belly grows bigger; she may feel more discomforts.

Usually, she feels lower back pain; she needs to pee frequently and the trouble to move due to her massive belly.

Please do not call her lazy. This time you need to serve her more.

13. Say to her, “I love you”:

Number 14 is last, but not least. But I think this one of the best ways on how to make your pregnant wife happy.

Don’t forget to tell your beautiful pregnant woman, “I love you”.

Most pregnant women suffer from insecurities, which leads to depression or anxiety.

It will not help if you tease her finding somebody sexier than her.

She Needs More Support than Ever:

Always remember that “my wife is pregnant”, “how to make my wife HAPPY”. Your wife has to face physical, mental stress, as well as she, has to fight the hormonal imbalances for nine months.

After that, she may have experienced severe pain for giving birth to your angel.

She requires more support from you at present than ever.