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How to Book a Hotel Room? Online Hotel Booking

Hotel room booking can be a tough task if you have no idea about it. But if you follow the guidelines of how to book a hotel room, that won’t be an issue at all. However, finding a suitable hotel at a reasonable price requires the smartness of a person.

That means if you are used to traveling, online booking and have little knowledge of price rate, you can deal with this matter. Following the tricky steps of ours, you can reserve a room online without walking from hotel to hotel.

3 Things To Determine Before Booking A Hotel

Well, you have to decide some things before, and then you can look for a hotel. By doing this, you can easily find a good hotel. So, now have a look at the points below before how to book a hotel room.


Budget is an essential factor where depending on your hotel and room type and other facilities. Fix a minimum budget, including room, meals, and other services. By the way, every hotel offers some discount during a festival that can cut down your expenses. Even you can negotiate with the hotel manager over the phone about the hotel rate.

Hotel Room

If you want to stay alone or with a colleague, you might need a single or twin sharing room. But if you are with your family, you might need a double room with minimum amenities. But you can always ask for an extra bed no matter the room type. And you must pay an additional bed charge. So, without booking a twin sharing room, just book a single room and ask for an extra bed. This way you can save some money.

Other Amenities

The hotel amenities are a restaurant, gym, laundry, 24 hours services, etc. When you are on a business tour you might not need all types of luxurious facilities. But when you are on a family vacation, your family might want to stay at a well-reputed hotel with extra advantages. So, before booking the hotel check out the services they offer. Even if you have a particular demand, let them inform.

5 Steps To Book Online Hotel

It is easy and hassles free booking a hotel online. It saves time from finding a room carrying luggage while traveling. And also, it is secured in many ways. So, have a look at the five procedures of booking a hotel below:

Google Search

For online booking, you need to search for many hotel websites. Even if you don’t know the name of any hotel just search by hotel near me. That will show you lots of hotels of many kinds. Just click on the hotel link and see the facilities, rate, and available date on the site.

Conversation With Manager

If you want anything to ensure or ask you can directly call the hotel manager taking the number from the site. You can ask them anything hotel-related question, and they will satisfy you with their services. If they can provide that particular demand.

Reserve Room

There will be an option to reserve a room according to the check-in date and availability of the room. You can mark the room side, bed, check-in date, and payment method. This way you can finalize the hotel room. On the other hand, if you have any special requirements, write them down or confirm them by making calls.

Pay First

After checking out the hotel clear the due payment of the hotel to confirm your reservation. There would be multiple options for payment, including cash, Debit/Credit card, etc. if you don’t pay immediately after reserving the room, your reservation will be valid for a few days. Then it will be canceled automatically, and you have to reserve from the beginning. You can also pay by cash if you check in the hotel before cancelation.

Confirm And Collect Receipt

When you pay them an auto-generated receipt will be shown on your computer screen. Download and print it out. When you are checking in, you will need this paper. So safely keep it. It is proof of your reservation and payment. You can call them for sending the receipt to your email.

Final Word

Remember, to bring the receipt paper, your identity card or paper such as for foreign tour you just need a passport. Before checking in you these papers and without the receipt you cannot prove you clear all payment and reserved a room. Hopefully, it will work for the new people who don’t know how to book a hotel room online.