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How to Practice Self Love? || 7 Simple Ways to Practice Self Love     

How to Practice Self Love every day: Nowadays, we relatively mistake the word- “self-love” for buying or doing something for ourselves.

There is an increasing number of channels and people who try to define “self-love,” but the act of practicing it can be different for everyone.

However, you must know there is not only one way of practicing self-love.

Meanwhile, it is one of the most trendy hashtags; self-love is essential for every human being.

It might be a difficult journey, finding what it means to you. So, why is self-love important?

The answer is it helps you to be yourself.

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?

This is just a short guide that you will find useful in the journey, be prepared to discover the real person within you.

This post will cover 7 simple ways to practice self-love.

How to Practice Self Love

7 Ways on How to Practice Self Love and Acceptance:

1.  Tune in with Yourself:

Tuning in with you is one way to practice self-love.

Our daily thoughts can play an essential role in keeping ourselves in control.

Don’t just let any idea go away.

Give yourself some time for it, perhaps write about your daily thoughts in a diary.

What happened at your work/school today? What set you off? What cheered you up?

By writing all these up, you’ll be able to answer your questions- and see positively within you.

Your emotions, desires, dreams – keep in touch with them.

Most importantly, tune in with what’s happening in your life, and what’s changing.

2. Take care of Yourself:

One of the many building blocks of self-love is self-care.

It’s simply keeping a watch of what needs to be taken care of and doing what is right for you.

People show their love for themselves by exercising, having quality food.

Plus, keeping a healthy relationship with your dear ones can have a significant impact.

Why don’t you go out for a 10-minute jog, or maybe pack your lunch for a day?

Try to do at least one activity that makes you feel good that helps to meet your needs.

3. Stop Comparing:

Just think of how easy it has become to compare you to other people.

The simple act of opening your phone can often lead to such comparisons, you log in to your social media, see your friend’s travel photos, and the next thing you know is – you are comparing yourself with them.

You watch everyone living the most of their lives, and instantaneously, you feel sad.

Comparing ourselves with others does nothing but result in self-deprecating thoughts.

Loosely speaking, you are just undervaluing yourself by comparing.

You are on a different timeline than the people around you.

Focus on your progress, and what’s ahead of you.

4. Forgive Yourself:

It’s a prevalent thing for a human to make bad decisions, although we are bound to take up the responsibility for it.

But don’t be too hard on yourself.

Making a mistake is natural, and that does not mean you cannot forgive yourself.

Remember, a learned man once said – “Failure is the pillar of success.”

5. Have Boundaries:

Remember; don’t hesitate to say “no” to things you think are harmful to you.

Of course, setting your boundaries is one way you can start loving yourself.

Try to understand what is right and healthy for you.

Cut off activities or relationships that just don’t feel right.

It is okay to be selfish sometimes and say “No” to people.

People without boundaries are more likely to be abused, be it physically or mentally, and sadly it has become omnipresent.

By setting your limitations, you are showing people how they should treat you as a person.

Don’t be afraid of letting them go if they ever cross this boundary.

Choose what proves to be beneficial to you; that are what builds self-love.

6. Invest in your Growth:

If you truly love someone, you would want to see them grow as people.

In the process of loving yourself, you should feel delighted by your achievements and progress.

Start the growth process by self-examining.

Ask yourself questions- “What is my progress about my aim in life?” “What should be my career?” and “How can I ensure personal development?”

Gather your answers in a page/journal or whatever you prefer, and take guidance from them throughout the journey.

This exercise will skyrocket your confidence and self-esteem.

7. Live Intentionally:

What do we mean by living intentionally? Living intentionally is living for a goal, a dream, and a purpose. It does not have to be complicated or complex.

Start by having small targets such as – “Helping anyone you can” or “Living in the present.”

Be the architect of your own life and design things around you that will keep you upbeat, and you will have discovered in no time that you are one step closer to self-love.

The nutshell of the Article:

One of the most helpful habits you will develop in your life is undoubtedly self-love.

Indeed, it will be difficult, coming out of your comfort zone and old habits, letting go of relationships that are just making it all complicated.

Unknowingly, self-love teaches us how to love other people too- If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect to love somebody else?

If we look more closely, it does teach you to be the person you always wanted to be – a happier and better version of you.

What is your opinion after reading the article about how to practice self-love every day, or ways to practice self-love, or how to love yourself? Please leave your comments below.