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How Much Should You Tip Housekeeping? Best 5 Rules Of Tipping

Is your hotel maid cleaning your room floor and you are thinking of how much should you tip housekeeping? Is it a rule of a five-star hotel or the personality of a guest of the hotel? Well, it is considered as courtesy and appreciation of the housekeepers work who tidy room and everything daily.

Even you can ask them to arrange something beyond the services by tipping them. A housekeeper won’t demand anything directly from you, but if you can keep happy by tipping some cash, they will take extra care of you.

Five Rules Of Giving Tipps

An American study shows that 30% of Americans give tips to the housekeeper, and the other 30% don’t leave tips at all. And the interesting thing is the hotel boy, housekeepers, and waiters earn extra money from these tips daily. Which increases their salary. However, we are sharing some manners and how much should you tip housekeeping.

Tip Daily

The same person might not come to clean the room every day. Different housemaids might come to clean up your room. So, a daily tip basis to the maid. And also, it need not be a huge amount. It should be 1$ to 2$ maximum of 3$ each. But not more than 5$.

If you are satisfied enough with your housekeeper services, you can give him 5$. However, if there are two or more housekeepers who come to a tidy room, you can provide the total amount to the main one. Then tell them to divide the tips to each one equally.

Tip Depending on Hotel Standard

If you are staying at any high-rated five-star hotel, the tip should be increment. It should be start from 5$ and the maximum you want. This is because it clears your class as well. This is ridiculous to tip with just 1$ or 2$ Staying at a five-star hotel.

If it is below five stars, you can follow the above procedure of tipping to a housemaid. But remember one thing the more you can keep happy your housekeeper the more they provide you the best services.

Keep Your Tip On a Visible Place

If you think you might be absent in your room during their housekeeping, you can leave that day’s tip. You should keep it in any visible place such as on the table. Before leaving drop a note with the money stated thanks for housekeeping.

When the housekeeper sees the note and the money, they will be pleased from inside. They will try their best service to provide. Also, they will take extra care. Don’t put it inside a drawer. Otherwise, they could miss it out.

No Tip For bad Service

We tip for good service and nice behave from housekeepers or hotel staff. But if we could not be satisfied with the services they provided, we should not tip them. Even it should be fine to reduce the number of tips. Be specific and alert with the services they promise to ensure you during booking a room.

Complain about the front desk if you have any issues regarding anything. Remember you go to a hotel spending lots of money to enjoy their services. It is your right to get the best service from the hotel.

Appreciate Good Work

Try to appreciate your housekeeper cleaning your room. Thanks to him for his nice work. If you demand anything extra like shampoo, soap, towel by thanking him, they will do it quickly. You can ask for a special favor like you want tea kettle the next day morning.

Or traveling guide, easy way to get any place! For all of this, you don’t need to ask the front desk. You can collect info and extra favor if you manage your housekeeper by appreciating or tipping.

Final Word

Housekeepers are appointed to service the guest or client visit to a hotel. They are paid, workers and professionals. It is not a mandatory rule, but if you tip them, you will benefit. They will be happy with you, and you can take extra favor.

So, how much should you tip housekeeping depends on you. But if you are confused, follow the method and amount shared here.